One Dollar Bill with Red Nose
One Dollar Bill with Red Nose

Hans-Peter Feldmann
Hand-coloured banknote
6.6 x 15.5 cm
Unsigned, unlimited edition

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Hans-Peter Feldmann (born 1941, Düsseldorf) has earned critical acclaim for his photographic series, collections, installations and books. Presented in a variety of forms, these works are indicative of Feldmann's life-long fascination with visual culture and ongoing engagement with the pleasure of looking.

On the occasion of his exhibition at the Serpentine Gallery, Feldmann has presented an edition of hand-coloured banknotes. Feldmann has painted a red nose on each dollar bill, exemplifying the subversive humour that is evident in so much of his work.

Commissioned by the Serpentine gallery directly from the artist.

About Hans-Peter Feldmann

After winning the Guggenheim’s 2010 Hugo Boss Prize, Hans-Peter Feldmann famously cashed his $100,000 check and pinned it in dollar bills to the museum’s walls, raising questions about the value of art. He is known for his examinations of seriality in daily life, as in his 1973 work All the clothes of a woman (photographs of every item in a woman’s wardrobe) or 2005’s One Pound Strawberries (each fruit that constitutes a pound). By assembling images and objects in unlikely or un-noteworthy combinations, Feldmann reveals their embedded emotional associations.

German, b. 1941, Dusseldorf, Germany, based in Düsseldorf, Germany

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