Hans Strand, ‘Colors of Poison #5’, Paul Nicklen Gallery

SPAIN In the Andalusian mountains, there is a huge mining area named "Minas de Rio Tinto" (Mines of Rio Tinto). It has been active since the bronze age. Today however, the mine is more than an isolated cavity on the earth's surface. Rio Tinto, the river which flows through the region, was named for the reddish streaks that colour its water. Rio Tinto has become a landscape within a landscape. The unearthed minerals give the soil and waters of the region odd, otherworldly shades of blue, green, yellow, red and brown and it is not unusual to see even bright orange or green rivulets trickling past. The predominant ores, however, are the ferrous ones, which oxidize when they come into contact with the air and colour land and river alike in shades of reddish brown.

Series: Vanishing Worlds

Signature: Certificate of authenticity with artist's signature included.

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