Hap Tivey, ‘Chakra Spine’, 2013, Wilding Cran Gallery

About Hap Tivey

Like fellow Light and Space artists James Turrell, Peter Alexander, and Robert Irwin, Hap Tivey has been using light as the medium and subject matter of sculptures and installations since the 1960s. Influenced by Minimalism, this style of work is famously inspired by the abundant light and expansive spaces that pervade California, where the movement originated. A constant theme throughout Tivey’s work has been the treatment of light as a tangible, enveloping presence in painting and sculpture. In the 1970s, Tivey created site-specific, indoor light fields where viewers “experienced intensely saturated color with apparently infinite depths,” as he puts it. In recent decades, Tivey has also made use of less organic technologies, such as LED, digital light, and computers that create images on light-sensitive surfaces.


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