Harald Kröner, ‘Cut 44’, 2018, IdeelArt
Harald Kröner, ‘Cut 44’, 2018, IdeelArt

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This work is part of one of 4 on-going series of large works on paper.

The name of this series, "Cut", relates to the technique used by the artist, but also refers to the editing process in filmmaking, each work being produced from 'footage'-like paper strips prepared and assembled at a later stage, determining what will eventually be visible or not.

Kröner's starting point are two painted sheets of paper: a large background of heavy drawing paper, and a lighter, semi-transparent sheet cut into strips and reversed so that both painted sides face each other.

Following a self imposed rule, Kröner then positions the strips on the background so that every mark on this background coïncides with an existing mark on the paper strip. Everything else is random.

Constrained by this rule, the role of the artist is then to strike the right balance between chance and control, chaos and order, to achieve a result which is both aesthetic and challenging for the viewer. And undeniably beautiful.

Signature: Verso

From the artist’s studio

About Harald Kröner

An avid collector of paper, Harald Kroner attends to the specific weaves and textures of his material as he transforms it into drawings, objects, and installations. Kroner’s practice is rooted in two-dimensional works on paper, which he adorns primarily with ink but also with such materials as lacquer, enamel, and spray paint. Inspired by East Asian art practices, Kroner embraces the effects of chance in his compositions, applying lines, splotches, and dots at random. The artist understands his papers as being more than blank surfaces; instead he sees them as carrying great potential for expressing rich textures. He explores and highlights these possibilities by choosing unique papers and cutting into or scraping his paper grounds.

German, b. 1962, based in Pforzheim, Germany