Harald Kröner, ‘Monophthong 4’, 2015, IdeelArt
Harald Kröner, ‘Monophthong 4’, 2015, IdeelArt

"Monophthong: A vowel that has a single perceived auditory quality" (The Oxford Dictionaries)

The first of the Monophthong series originated from a flawed "Yappanoise" painting that Harald Kröner cut apart and which became an interesting source for new works.

Whilst the material used for each work of the series can be broad, : oil, ink, colour spray, enamel, nail varnish, stains, etc, they all have in common their shape (squares), their relatively small size (30 to 35 cm), and their composition.

As often with Kröner's work, poetry and beauty emerge from the subtle combination of a relatively rigid framework (here, the vertical and horizontal grey lines), with more random and lively colour marks.

This work is delivered framed by the artist (40x40 cm)

About Harald Kröner

An avid collector of paper, Harald Kroner attends to the specific weaves and textures of his material as he transforms it into drawings, objects, and installations. Kroner’s practice is rooted in two-dimensional works on paper, which he adorns primarily with ink but also with such materials as lacquer, enamel, and spray paint. Inspired by East Asian art practices, Kroner embraces the effects of chance in his compositions, applying lines, splotches, and dots at random. The artist understands his papers as being more than blank surfaces; instead he sees them as carrying great potential for expressing rich textures. He explores and highlights these possibilities by choosing unique papers and cutting into or scraping his paper grounds.

German, b. 1962, based in Pforzheim, Germany