Harald Pompl, ‘Aus der Wand’, 2016, Renate Bender

Harald Pompl was born in 1952 in Nuremberg, Germany, he lives and works in Frankfurt/Main, Germany.

Harald Pompl casts coloured synthetic resin, to which pigment has also been added, into panes which are then cut, shattered, or polished into form. These individual panes are then piled up along a central axis to create impressive object bodies and steles or are melted down again to form solid columns that reveal in only a rudimentary manner their original form as panes. The play of either day or artificial light in the juxtaposing coloured discs creates a richness of exceptional colour combinations and luminous colour reflections in the space around. In his most recent work Pompl pours the liquid resin into thin but broad stripes and weaves flat grids, wall objects of a painterly quality.

Image rights: Harald Pompl

About Harald Pompl

German, b. 1952, Nuremberg, Germany, based in Frankfurt am Main, Germany