Harold De Bree, ‘Untitled’, West Den Haag

About Harold De Bree

Mixed media artist Harold de Bree is best known for his reconstructions of military hardware and architecture. Using concrete, wood, and various metals, he replicates missiles, tanks, and guns, as well as life-sized entrances to bunkers and fortresses, and storage facilities—primarily working in the ubiquitous, institutional gray of military structures. By placing this work in galleries and spaces typically designated for public art, De Bree hopes to move beyond mere commentary and foreground the use of certain art-making and architectural techniques in the fabrication of military equipment. In Entrance 58c (2011), he recreated a concrete entrance to a machine gun bunker in Libya. First built by the Italians, then used by the Germans, and later by the Libyan government, de Bree appropriates and reinterprets it as an art object, adding a new dimension to its history.

Dutch, b. 1966, Voorschoten, Netherlands, based in The Hague, Netherlands