Harold Klunder, ‘Of Mind And Matter’, 2013, Clint Roenisch Gallery

Signature: signed, titled and dated in ink on the reverse

About Harold Klunder

Born in the Netherlands, Harold Klunder has been exhibiting his paintings in Canada for over three decades. Klunder forms deep relationships to his pieces, sometimes working on each one for several years. His patient approach manifests itself in abstract works that seem to exist outside of time as we experience it on a day-to-day basis. In Green Abstraction (2012–14), the loose outline of a face melts upward in writhing, bold green lines; the mouth is agape, suggesting the slow cycle of receiving and forgetting ideas. Klunder strives not to depict any specific object or idea, but instead aims to render consciousness itself.

Canadian, b. 1943, Deventer, Netherlands, based in Montreal, QC, Canada

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Clint Roenisch Gallery at Dallas Art Fair 2016