Haruki Ogawa, ‘Fusion VII’, 2016, Frantic Gallery
Haruki Ogawa, ‘Fusion VII’, 2016, Frantic Gallery
Haruki Ogawa, ‘Fusion VII’, 2016, Frantic Gallery

Combining canvases made of different media (hemp, linen, cotton etc), applying shadowing effects and depicting (by oil, acrylic, alkyd) dynamic elements that transfix the multiple planes Ogawa weaves a figure that can't be read through linear, diachronic structure. His image doesn't offer you one entrance. The painting is a knot-like organization which can be perceived only in the mode of synchronicity, while enveloping the totality of the visual semiotic organism and coming simultaneously from different directions to its ungraspable centre. On Friday, December 16 Frantic Gallery presents these Borromean Rings-like works by Haruki Ogawa and invite you to wrap it up by your mind using more than one tentacles of your perception at a time.
More about the artist: http://www.frantic.jp/en/artist/artist-ogawa.html

Signature: Signed by artist

Haruki Ogawa / 小川晴輝

1985 Born in Kanagawa prefecture.
2012 Tokyo Zokey University, B.A., Painting Dep.
2014 Tokyo Zokey University, M.A., Fine Art Dep.

Solo Exhibition
2016 "Fusions", Frantic Gallery, Tokyo
2014 “Roentgenpainting”, Frantic Gallery, Tokyo
2013 “The Accumulation Spreads”, Frantic Gallery, Tokyo
2009 “Irritated Figures”, Frantic Gallery, Tokyo

Selected Group Exhibitions:
2015 “New Sensibilities in Sculpture and Painting”, Yeo Workshop, Singapore
2014 “VOCA”, The Ueno Royal Museum, Tokyo
2012 “Art Award Next”, Tokyo Art Forum, Tokyo
2012 “Resonance-Kyomei”, Art Lab Hashimoto, Kanagawa
2012 The 11th Gunma Biennale for Young Artist, The Museum of Modern Art, Gunma
2012 “The 23rd Five Art Universities Exhibition”, The National Art Center, Tokyo
2010 “2010 FRANTIC UNDERLINES”, Frantic Gallery, Tokyo
2010 “Frantic Drawings”, Frantic Gallery, Tokyo
2009 Frantic Collection, art project frantic, Tokyo
2008 Today’s Lunch, ARC gallery, Tokyo
2008 Five Art Universities Exhibit, Musashino Art University, Tokyo

About Haruki Ogawa

Japanese, b. 1985, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan, based in Japan