Hasko Hasko, ‘The tree and the fly’, 2016, Art On 56th

"I draw shapes without the sanctity of cumulative human thoughts and leave form to instinctively express itself. I do not remember what I look like when I paint; I may turn into an individual that has been liberated from everything related to reason. This is why I do not draw human beings in my paintings. I seek to provide more consideration to marginal shapes, such as the worm, the beast or the ugly creature. I enjoy giving life and expressive value to these forms, while offering the viewer a space to unravel his/her imagination. The forms and objects appear beautiful and cultivated when given the freedom to exist and to express themselves.
Whenever I gain freedom in painting, the shapes become increasingly beautiful and honest, considering that the attempt to show the greatest beauty possible is in itself a form of resistance against the hideousness of the last five years. Rather than giving art an ideological meaning, artists should strive to stay true to their individual, creative paths along the artistic journey. "

About Hasko Hasko

Syrian, b. 1973, Aleppo, Syria, based in Damascus, Syria