Hassan Sharif, ‘Jelly Fish No. 15’, 2011, Gallery Isabelle van den Eynde

Image rights: Courtesy Estate of Hassan Sharif and Gallery Isabelle van den Eynde

About Hassan Sharif

Considered the grandfather of conceptual art and experimental practice in the Middle East, Hassan Sharif produces a diverse range of work that spans performance, installation, drawing, painting, and assemblage. His series “Objects”, begun in 1982, consists of sculptural installations that, manipulating found waste materials such as spoons, nylon rope, plastic sandals, and old newspapers, draw on ideas associated with the Fluxus movement. Sharif, who begun his artistic career drawing caricatures and cartoons, has witnessed the transformation of Dubai from a nomadic Bedouin society into a hub of consumerism, and works such as Weave 2 (2012)—composed of detritus found on the streets of Dubai—reflect and critique the modern culture of mass production and consumption in the Middle Eastern metropolis.

Emirati, b. 1951