Håvard Homstvedt, ‘The Territory 2’, 2013, Highlight Gallery

Using the backdrop of a portrait format, these are gestural, yet exacting works, simultaneously bringing focus to the painterly surface and to the shape and confines of the rectangle. Based on found black and white photos of bygone household names, the painted likeness is obscured and made anonymous, serving as a map for variations in linear compositions. As a group, the formal variations become clear. Also, it is in the restrained, expressive, linear language the emotive charge is emitted; serving both as a screen, and a magnifier for the underlying motif.

About Håvard Homstvedt

Though representational, Håvard Homstvedt’s paintings and sculptures draw particular attention to texture and surface through the use of textile-inspired patterns. “I like textures and the feel of handicrafts—the imprint, or weave, if you can put it this way,” he has said. “Often a kind of textile texture is present.” From Homstvedt’s patterns, illusionistic yet ambiguous spaces and scenes emerge. In Wall (2006), a strange creature moves through a universe of stripes; in Tarp (2005), figures composed from various patterns—lace, crinkly gold, muted stripes—struggle under the weight of a coffin.

Norwegian, b. 1976, based in New York & Paris

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