Hayal Pozanti, ‘46 (Percentage increase in requests by world governments for Twitter user data since the beginning of 2014)’, 2015, Public Art Fund 2018 Spring Benefit

Image rights: Courtesy of the artist and Jessica Silverman Gallery

About Hayal Pozanti

Hayal Pozanti paints colorful, abstract compositions featuring bold, interlocking, and overlapping forms redolent of machine parts and technology. In early work, Pozanti created digital collages, and she continues to address her fascination with the relationship between virtual and physical worlds in her GIFs and paintings. “To me, the world of the screen is an infinite universe of daydreams,” she has said. “Much like the Surrealists aimed to reconcile the world of dreams and reality, I would like to explore the possibility of inventing a new reality from the merging of the virtual and the tactile.”

Turkish, b. 1983, Istanbul, Turkey, based in New York, New York