Haylee Ryan, ‘Ladies of Lake Worth: Kneeling Pose #2 - Lean’, 2016, Jen Mauldin Gallery


Signature: Haylee Ryan

2016 Solo show, Matilde, Jen Mauldin Gallery, Dallas, Texas
2017 Solo show, Ladies of Lake Worth, Jen Mauldin Gallery, Dallas, Texas

For this series, Haylee Ryan was drawn to a series of vintage photographs that clearly captured a very special moment in time for a small group of friends. In these photos was captured a set of memories that might have been tucked away somewhere in a book, long forgotten, but she has taken the opportunity to bring them back to life and share them with the world again, in a whole other light.

The five women in these photos were clearly close friends – close enough to get a little silly together as they took turns posing for the camera as famous actresses and models might. One would imagine, by their clothes and the laughter in their eyes, that these were women we could all relate to, clearly playing pretend as they struck their proverbial poses to create theatrical moments of “candid” beauty.

These five friends were simply spending time together, creating their own fun one afternoon at Lake Worth in Fort Worth. These photos are beautiful on their own, but they beg for a story. And as you observe these women, you might naturally begin to imagine what all of their stories may have been.

This body of work is painted in Haylee Ryan’s signature style, featuring acrylic with oil layered on top. The faded grays and washed-out whites help evoke a sort of nostalgic dreaminess.

Dallas, Texas

About Haylee Ryan

American, b. 1986, Dallas, TX, United States, based in Dallas, TX, United States

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Jen Mauldin Gallery, 
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Ladies of Lake Worth
Jen Mauldin Gallery, 
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