He Yunchang 何云昌, ‘Dream Journey - From Fukuoka Asian Art Musuem to Mount Fuji 卧游—从福冈美术馆到富士山’, 2009, Ink Studio

About He Yunchang 何云昌

He Yunchang, sometimes known by the familiar nickname A Chang, is known best as a performance artist, but produces variations on his themes across multiple mediums. They are what he calls “different parts of one single entity, different forms of documentation and interpretation of the same act.” His past projects have included, in addition to performance, jewelry making, photography, painting, video, and sculpture. Most of his performances have in common daunting, exhausting, or futile premises, such as having one of his ribs surgically removed, attempting to cut a river into halves with a knife, wrestling 100 people in a row, or walking the perimeter of England with a rock to return it to its original place.

Chinese, b. 1967