Heather Boose Weiss, ‘Moon Talks to Rock’, 2015, Susan Eley Fine Art

About Heather Boose Weiss

In her photographic self-portraits, Heather Boose Weiss exposes the vulnerable relationship between people and unfamiliar terrain. In a performance-like process, Weiss visits dramatic unknown environments and documents her personal responses, though she is usually unrecognizable in the resulting images. With minimal or absent clothing and often caught in motion, Weiss's personal features are arbitrary to the work, which is dependent on the relationship of her form and presence to a place. After a childhood spent moving between Florida and New York, Weiss has a long-standing fascination with new environments and the challenge of shifting her persona to adapt. She channels her training in dance, choreography, gymnastics, and yoga to propel her body consciously through the space, often “drawing with light” to record the energy of her movements, simplified in black-and-white silver gelatin prints.

American, b. 1981, based in New York & Los Angeles