Hedvig Westermark, ‘A Small Collection, Brooch’, 2017, The Gallery at Reinstein|Ross

Hedvig Westermark stands with one foot in the functional Swedish tradition of clean metal jewelry and the other in the world of contemporary art jewelry.

For 30 years she has made customized pieces for her clients from precious gems and gold. When it comes to her at jewelry, her approach is very different. "I have a picture behind my eyes and I take whatever materials that is required to get there. I had my first one woman show 1993 in a gallery, and I don´t think I used any gold or gems at all. It’s essential for me to draw a clear line between my daily work and my exhibition work. I can, in my exhibition pieces be more private and more expressive. Over the years I have been using all different kind of materials, textile, acrylic, brass, aluminum and so on, and looking back I realize that it´s often about colors and graphical, simple shapes."

Inger Wastberg, Contemporary Swedish Art Jewelry (Stockholm: Arvinius + Orfeus, 2013): 188.

About Hedvig Westermark