Heeseop Yoon, ‘Still-Life #12’, 2012, Sapar Contemporary

About Heeseop Yoon

Though her intricate installations are often so large that they spread over walls onto ceilings and floors, Heeseop Yoon thinks of her work as freehand drawings. All of Yoon’s works are based on real spaces with vast messes, such as basements, workshops, storage spaces, or “places where everything is jumbled and time becomes ambiguous without the presence of people.” With only photographs as reference, Yoon uses black tape to create her enlarged wall drawings, working additively such that her mistakes and miscalculations are visible in the final installation. Yoon’s interested in how memory and perception constantly adjust both for herself and for her viewer, and the paradox that the more she corrects her work, the less legible the drawing becomes.

Korean, Seoul, South Korea, based in Brooklyn, New York