Helen Miranda Wilson, ‘Continental Drift, for Robert Bordo, Wellfleet, MA’, August-1991, Bookstein Projects

About Helen Miranda Wilson

In the span of her career, Helen Miranda Wilson has produced paintings that cover the spectrum from representational to abstract, stylistically indebted to Paul Klee, Ellsworth Kelly, and generations of anonymous quilt-makers. Wilson’s earlier works featured landscapes, still lifes, and interior scenes as subjects; some of the best-known pieces come from her series on clouded skies. Since 2000, she has been making abstract, geometric works that draw influence from folk art and traditions of quilting and weaving. One particularly well known series is “Stripes”, in which each work is comprised of uniquely colored lines laboriously applied one at a time. Wilson consistently works in small scale, which she considers a natural tendency for her personality.

American , b. 1948, Wellfleet, Massachusetts