Helen Pashgian, ‘Untitled’, 2012, TOTAH

About Helen Pashgian

The only female member of the Light and Space Movement of the 1960s, Helen Pashgian creates sculptural works with industrial materials such as plastics, resins, and glass. Pashgian is best known for her small, translucent objects, which are often spherical or lozenge-shaped with vibrant colors and finished surfaces. In recent years she has produced larger environmental works, such as freestanding pairs of columns in monochrome acrylics; one column in each pair incorporates a cylindrical or conical rod inside that produces optical effects when illuminated. Her works have been compared to those of other light artists such as Mary Corse, James Turrell, and Craig Kauffman.

American, b. 1934, Pasadena, California

Solo Shows

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