Helen Sear, ‘Becoming Forest No. 6’, 2017, KLOMPCHING GALLERY

39.3"x39.3" image on 43.3"x43.3" sheet

The Becoming Forest series is an extraordinary body of work that explores the experience of moving through a marked forest landscape, and the altered/heightened perception of surfaces, forms and space.

As with her earlier work, Sear's gesture of the hand is visible, where she has traced the lines of new forest growth, using a digital pen and tablet. The chaos and entanglement of these hand drawn lines that follow the actual forest growth, contrasts with the geometric neon pigment marks spray-painted by the foresters. The artist draws comparison to the lines of the skin of the hand, or the veins of the interior human body.

Through her intervention, Sear reanimates the photograph, though the process of touch, and by referencing the dye used in medical imaging, to enhance what is barely visible to the human eye.

This is a strongly grounded, and ongoing investigation of bringing the body back into the act of looking, rendering figure/body/environment as inseparable.

Series: Becoming Forest

Signature: Via label and certificate.

Image rights: Helen Sear

Klompching Gallery, February 22 – April 1, 2017

Direct from the artist.

About Helen Sear

Helen Sear works with her photographs as if they were veils, layering multiple images to create evocative landscapes, each delicately inscribed with a figure. She describes her approach as “a double time of image making,” referring to the instant during which she takes each photograph and the time during which she superimposes her photographic images. By deliberately combining photographs taken at different times and in different locations, Sear plays with the notion of site-specificity and the reliability of the camera as a documentary recording device.

British, b. 1955, based in Wales, United Kingdom