Helen Sear, ‘Wild Flower Arrangement no1. (Daucus Carota).’, 2015, Field Editions

Edition of 20 works. Sold unframed.

Signature: Accompanied by signed and numbered certificate.

Image rights: Field Editions

Publisher: Field Editions courtesy of the artist.

About Helen Sear

Helen Sear works with her photographs as if they were veils, layering multiple images to create evocative landscapes, each delicately inscribed with a figure. She describes her approach as “a double time of image making,” referring to the instant during which she takes each photograph and the time during which she superimposes her photographic images. By deliberately combining photographs taken at different times and in different locations, Sear plays with the notion of site-specificity and the reliability of the camera as a documentary recording device.

British, b. 1955, based in Wales, United Kingdom