Hella Jongerius, ‘Gemstone table’, 2013, Galerie kreo

Image rights: Image courtesy Fabrice Gousset - Galerie kreo

About Hella Jongerius

Dutch-born designer Hella Jongerius had her start studying carpentry, but soon realized she was more interested in the design of the object than actually making it. Switching to industrial design, however, her traditional roots still remain relevant to her artistic practice today. Seamlessly merging industry and craft to produce uniquely designed textiles, crockery, and furniture that fuse high and low tech with traditional and contemporary styles, Jongerius’ designs resonate as being products of the artisan’s hand as well as the industrial process. Through Jongeriuslab, she creates produces and creates her own projects, as well as work for clients including Maharam, KLM, Vitra, IKEA, and Royal Tichelaar Makkum.

Dutch, b. 1963, based in Berlin, Germany