Helmut Newton, ‘Marilyn Grabowski, Playboy’, 1993, Rago

Helmut Newton has earned himself the epithet, the “King of Kink,” for bringing unabashed nudity and sexuality to the fashion world. With his photos hitting the pages of Vogue for decades, his penchant for sexuality has continually pushed the boundaries of photography, fashion, and advertising. Here, Marilyn Grabowski, photo editor of Playboy magazine for over forty years, sits adorned with one of her female subjects. As Helmut brought kink to the fashion world, Grabowski conversely brought fashion to kink. In this polaroid, the two aesthetic geniuses and tastemakers meet halfway, at the crossroads they had been paving for their entire careers. One of Helmut Newton’s largest retrospectives just concluded this September at the Foam Fotografiemuseum Amsterdam.

Signature: Signed "Love from Helmut"

The Collection of Marilyn Grabowski

About Helmut Newton

Dubbed the “King of Kink”, influential fashion photographer Helmut Newton made his name shooting models in striking, provocative black-and-white photographs for Vogue. “If a photographer says he is not a voyeur, he is an idiot,” he once said. Newton is considered to have imbued fashion photography with narrative depth, giving context to his subjects by creating stylized, dreamlike scenes. Vogue’s U.S. editor-in-chief Anna Wintour once described his work as “synonymous with Vogue at its most glamorous and mythic.” Newton was married to fellow photographer Alice Springs, and he led a glamorous life, associating with the likes of Billy Wilder, Dennis Hopper, and Robert Evans. He was particularly influential to the careers of the photographers Mark Arbeit, Just Loomis, and George Holz, who served as his assistants.

German-Australian, 1920-2004, Berlin, Germany