Heman Chong, ‘Cloud Atlas / David Mitchell’, 2013, Anna Schwartz Gallery

About Heman Chong

Artist, curator, and writer Heman Chong is focused on the future and what we imagine it to be. He describes his work as “conceptually charged investigations into how individuals and communities imagine the future,” which take shape as “objects, images, installations, situations and texts.” For Chong, conceptualism is an approach to art-making through which he aims to shift perception and encourage insight into where we are now, and where we, and generations before us, think we will be. In his ongoing “Stacks” series, for example, he creates visually compelling sculptural assemblages by stacking water glasses on top of carefully chosen piles of books—ranging from science fiction to art to astrophysics—which together suggest various visions of present and future societies.

Singaporean, b. 1977, Muar, Malaysia