Hendrick Avercamp, ‘Winter Scene on a Frozen Canal’, ca. 1620, Los Angeles County Museum of Art

In the collection of European Painting and Sculpture at LACMA.

Partial gift of Mr. and Mrs. Edward William Carter and purchased with funds provided by The Ahmanson Foundation, the Paul Rodman Mabury Collection, the William Randolph Hearst Collection, the Michael J. Connell Foundation, the Marion Davies Collection, Mr. and Mrs. Lauritz Melchior, Mr. and Mrs. R. Stanton Avery, the Estate of Anita M. Baldwin by exchange, and Hannah L. Carter (M.2009.106.23)

Image rights: Image provided by the Los Angeles County Museum of Art

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About Hendrick Avercamp

Known for his panoramic outdoor recreation scenes, painter Hendrick Avercamp holds a unique place among his 17th-century contemporaries for his focus on the joys and hardships of the long Dutch winter. Born deaf and mute, Avercamp was a natural observer, and his intricate compositions depict a wide range of activities including children ice skating, women attempting to wash clothes in frozen water, and men chopping wood to heat their homes. His distinctive style is characterized by high horizon lines, vivid colors, and compositions full of narrative vignettes.

Dutch, 1585-1634, Amsterdam, Netherlands, based in Kampen, Netherlands