Henrik Olai Kaarstein, ‘Saturday Night 3’, 2013, Nordic Contemporary Art Collection

About Henrik Olai Kaarstein

Henrik Olai Kaarstein's practice involves manipulating textiles, paper, and wood with a range of transformative agents. Embracing chance and unpredictability, his process often begins by the soaking of various materials—towels, leather, cardboard—in a mixture of chemicals that might include paint, glue, or acetone. The objects emerge modified in unforeseen ways—they are stiffened and stained, corroded and calcified. For other bodies of work, the artist transfers images between two surfaces, similarly ceding control and allowing for unexpected translations of marks from one material to the next. Given his emphasis on process rather than outcome, the artist's works are visually diverse. Made with wallpaper glue, glitter, charcoal, and dirt, With the Highest Degree of Coarseness (2012) is characteristically eclectic, presenting a contrast of textures, as a tactile mauve swath runs down the middle of a smooth charcoal-gray surface.

Norwegian, b. 1989, based in Oslo and Frankfurt

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