HENSE, ‘Untitled ’, 2015, Die Kunstagentin


Raised in an artistic family, Hense (Alex Brewer) has making art since a young age. The early 90s provided him with a pivotal development when he discovered graffiti. Consumed by the possibilities of art in public spaces, he began mixing his formal art education with his experience with street art culture to produce both public art and his studio practice. Though his paintings of acrylic, spray paint, and ink on panel may seem large by studio standards, they’re absolutely dwarfed by his enormous public murals, such as the 137 x 170 foot work commissioned by the ISIL Institute in Lima, Peru. Regardless of the size, each work contains a vibrant sense of whimsy in both the shapes and colors often inspired by his childhood imagination.

American, b. 1979, Atlanta, Georgia