Heny Steinberg, ‘Correspondence’, 2016, Artspace Warehouse
Heny Steinberg, ‘Correspondence’, 2016, Artspace Warehouse
Heny Steinberg, ‘Correspondence’, 2016, Artspace Warehouse
Heny Steinberg, ‘Correspondence’, 2016, Artspace Warehouse
Heny Steinberg, ‘Correspondence’, 2016, Artspace Warehouse
Heny Steinberg, ‘Correspondence’, 2016, Artspace Warehouse
Heny Steinberg, ‘Correspondence’, 2016, Artspace Warehouse
Heny Steinberg, ‘Correspondence’, 2016, Artspace Warehouse
Heny Steinberg, ‘Correspondence’, 2016, Artspace Warehouse

Mexican artist Heny Steinberg’s abstract artworks invite us to travel from the map to the localized event. She is suggesting that the spatial memory guidelines residing in the relationship between a two-dimensional space existing in a vacuum and the human territories we inhabit.

This 39" tall by 47" wide large white, grey and yellow artwork is wired and ready to hang. Steinberg uses several layers of acrylic paint, balancing her artwork between abstraction and geometric outlines. The sides of this abstract artwork are painted white. It does not require framing. Free local Los Angeles area delivery. Affordable US and global shipping is available. A certificate of authenticity and hanging hardware are included.

Heny Steinberg’s unique artworks are constructed by displacement over a lattice or a diagram by way of fragmentation, union and re-fragmentation. The shapes that inhabit this multi-dimensional space possess visual values that transcend their actual representation. Her work process becomes a mean through which elements that have previously been unnoticed are discovered. Through their decontextualization, the elements acquire new meaning, giving rise to a dialogue between the material and the visual. The only obstacle is the physical limits of the canvas.

Steinberg’s imagination discovers, within the territories, the link between abundance and vacuum, the complex and diverse strategies imagined pursuing the cultural appropriation of space. Her mid-century modern inspired paintings can be found in art collections world-wide. Steinberg is represented in the US by Artspace Warehouse Los Angeles.

2012 CARTOGRAPHY CAD. Mexico City.
2009 VISIT Four Seasons Hotel. Mexico City.
2008 PAINTING Convento del Carmen. Guadalajara .
2008 PAINTING German Embassy. Mexico City
2007 WATERLINE Kin Gallery. Mexico City.
2002 ZERO DEGREES Kin Gallery. Mexico City.
1999 DEPTH Champs Elyseés Gallery. Mexico City.
1998 PAINTING Espacio Dimo. Mexico City.
1997 RECENT PAINTING Rufino Tamayo Gallery. Oaxaca.
1996 RUIN OR MEMORY Pedro Gerson Gallery, Mexico City.

2014 Houston Fine Art Fair

2016 Artspace Warehouse, Los Angeles, CA
2014 JERUSALEM. Contemporary Mexico Cultural Center. Mexico City
2013 Expo ETNIA. Athens, Greece
2012 100 years, 100 works. Galeria Pedro Gerson. Mexico City
2011 Expo ETNIA. Lakma Amersfoort Museum. Netherlands
2011 Expo ETNIA, Neumunster Abbey, Luxembourg
2010 ETNIA VI Expo. Espace Wallonie. Brussels, Belgium
2009 Museum of Contemporary Art of Yucatán. México
2007 Abstract Painting.San Miguel de Allende Museum. México
2005 Second Jewish Film Festival. México City
International Mail Art
Einstein and Physics. Galería Pedro Gerson. México City
2003 Graphic Work. Munich, Germany
Galería Artieri. México City
2001 Son Acetatos. Galeria Arteum, México City
Arts & Culture State Institute, Querétaro, México
2000 Mexico City's XVI Cultural Festival
UAM University, campus gallery. México City
1998 Jerusalem. Galeria Pedro Gerson. México City
1997 Painting and Sculpture. Galería Pedro Gerson. México City
1996 Galería Pedro Gerson. México City
1995 Homage to painter José Luis Cuevas. Galería del Parque, México

HENKEL, México

ARTE POETICO (Private Edition)
PINTORES Y POETAS (Painters and Poets)

2007 Painting on glass and Plexiglas for two public spaces. Mexico City.

Signature: This artwork is signed and titled by the artist on the back (so it can be installed either horizontally or vertically).

Image rights: SHIPPING: $250 Continental USA

About Heny Steinberg

Mexican, b. 1955, Mexico City, Mexico, based in Mexico City, Mexico

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