herman de vries, ‘PSAP #08: "being this joy experience unity"’, 2014,  ECC Collection

In June 2014, Sarah Gold and Karlyn de Jongh got together herman de vries in his steigerwald, Germany. Three days, three human beings, experiencing this moment in nature. Visiting various places in this forest, they enjoyed: this here now.

This book is the documentation of Personal Structures Art Projects #08. It has been published as a limited edition. The edition
comprises 200 copies of which 50 deluxe, numbered from 1 to 50, and 50 deluxe hors commerce, numbered from I to L. The
100 standard copies are numbered from 51 to 150. In addition, there have been created 10 artist proofs, numbered from 1 to

  1. Each item of this limited edition consists of a book and a dvd with an impression of the Steigerwald in a case, housed
    together in a cassette. The deluxe edition is signed by the artist and additionally contains an item from the Steigerwald.

Series: Personal Structures Art Projects are projects which are documented as special edition artists’ books. Each project centralizes one artist and emphasises his work. All books in this series are published by Global Art Affairs Foundation, the Netherlands. An excerpt of each project will additionally be published in the ongoing series “Personal Structures: Time Space Existence”.

Publisher: Global Art Affairs Foundation and coöperation with the European Cultural Centre

About herman de vries

Early in his career, painter herman de vries (who uses all lowercase letters as a symbol of his belief in equality) embraced randomness as an organizing principle. From 1961-66, he was a member of the Nul Group—a cohort of artists that included Henk Peeters, Jan Schoonhoven, and Armando—with whom he produced wall reliefs, large-scale installations, and happenings that explored principles such as repetition and the beauty of everyday objects and activities. Later on, de vries’s practice became quasi-scientific as he investigated plants with medicinal and hallucinogenic power. This led to such projects as the earth museum (1976), housed at the Museum Gassendi, Digne-les-Bains, which contains over 7,000 samples of earth that the artist gathered from all over the world. de vries keeps beautiful journals that include plant specimens, drawings, paintings, and notes.

Dutch, b. 1931, Alkmaar, Netherlands, based in Eschenau, Eckental, Germany

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