Hermann Nitsch, ‘PSAP #02: "Under My Skin"’, 2010,  ECC Collection

In May 2010, Karlyn and Sarah were 'crucified' in Hermann Nitsch's 130th Aktion, in Naples, Italy. In the week before the actual event, they took part in the rehearsals and met Nitsch every day to talk with him about experiencing life and his Orgien Mysterien Theater. On the day of the Aktion, Karlyn and Sarah were blindfolded, naked, bound to their crosses, to feel, hear, taste and smell all that was happening to them in the Museo Hermann Nitsch.

This book is the documentation of Personal Structures Art Projects # 02. It has been published as a limited edition. The edition comprises 250 copies of which 50 DeLuxe, numbered from 1 to 50, and 50 DeLuxe hors commerce, numbered from I to L. The 150 Standard copies are numbered from 51 to 200. Each item of this limited edition consists of a book and a DVD of the 130th Aktion by Hermann Nitsch in a case, housed together in a cassette. The DeLuxe edition is signed by the artist and additionally contains a piece of bloodstained cloth originating from the 130th Aktion of the Orgien Mysterien Theater.

Publisher: Global Art Affairs Foundation and coöperation with the European Cultural Centre

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