Hiro Ando, ‘haruka.t serie battle royale of 4 school girtls’, 2015, Galerie Jacob Paulett
Hiro Ando, ‘haruka.t serie battle royale of 4 school girtls’, 2015, Galerie Jacob Paulett
Hiro Ando, ‘haruka.t serie battle royale of 4 school girtls’, 2015, Galerie Jacob Paulett
Hiro Ando, ‘haruka.t serie battle royale of 4 school girtls’, 2015, Galerie Jacob Paulett
Hiro Ando, ‘haruka.t serie battle royale of 4 school girtls’, 2015, Galerie Jacob Paulett

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This rare and important sculpture in the round is by famous Japanese Pop artist Hiro Ando. From an edition of just 8 , this stunning work depicts Ando's famous 'Schoolgirl' whose surface is totally polished playing with ideas of luxury, status, tradition, kitsch, and high versus low art in a fresh and exciting manner

Before The Hunger Games, there was Batoru Rowaiaru (Battle Royale), the groundbreaking Japanese novel written by Koushun Takami. Published in 1999, the futuristic horror story tells of an authoritarian government that forces junior high students to fight to the death. The novel was quite controversial for its brutal themes and depictions of violence, not to mention Takami’s vivid imagining of the Japanese government as a police state with a sadistic streak. Perhaps not surprisingly, the novel was also hugely popular: It was quickly turned into a manga series and a feature film. It’s no wonder, then, that Battle Royale served as a galvanizing force for Hiro Ando, a Japanese artist frequently inspired by pop culture, manga, and the streets of Tokyo.
Rendered in gleaming stainless steel, the quartet of sculptures in his “School Girls” series depicts four characters from Takami’s bestseller. According to the book, Yuki U, Chisato M, Haruka T, and Satomi N are just a few of the 42 young students obligated to battle each other to the death on a remote island over the course of three days. There’s only one winner (i.e., survivor) in this dark fable and…well, let’s not spoil it here. Regardless, the girls’ stories intertwine: They’re allies, then co-conspirators, then, inevitably, they consider turning on one other.
Ando’s Battle Royale characters have an entirely different look. There’s something delicate and feminine about these innocent children forced into bloody battle. They’re regal, heroic, and deadly. And it’s not just Ando’s choice of material—the elegant, carefully polished stainless steel. There’s dignity and grace to the girls and their poses, their calm expressions, the way they bravely brandish their swords in the face of death.

Mint condition
Shipped from France

Signature: The artwork is dated, signed and numbered base of the sculpture...../8 The artwork come accompanied with an original Certificate of Authenticity issued by the Studio of the Artist: CrazyNoodles and signed by the Artist

Image rights: Image rights are property of MAM - Modern Art Machine, rep of Artist Hiro ANDO & japanese studio Crazynoodles and Galerie Jacob Paulett www.hiroando.com

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和製ネオポップ・・・ ナカミシ・サオリとアンドウ・ヒロ:漫画から生まれた造形世界とキッチュな遊びの美意識 クレイジーヌードルズ・スタ ジオは、ひとつの文化的土壌から生まれた様々な傾向の数人のアーティストを擁して、ひとつの創造的概念を共有する創作活動を組織しています。それは独創的 な概念を生み出し続けて全体として進化することで、「スタジオ」に絶えず新しい固有の輪郭を与えるという概念です。

“Drawing on ideas of collectability and fantasy, Japanese artist Hiro Ando combines tradition with contemporary culture in his sculpture work…. Ando’s editioned sculptures resemble enlarged toy cartoon characters and bear the names SumoCat, Samurai Cat, UrbanCat, and RobotCat. They’re mainly monochrome and glossy, a few are enrobed in rhinestones or hand-painted. Ando’s work is the creative fruit of Japanese mass culture. adsense ban . His cat figures are reminiscent of maneki-neko (literally, “beckoning cat”), a ubiquitous Japanese cultural icon symbolizing good luck; maneki-neko figurines can be found in nearly every souvenir store and restaurant in Japan. Ando’s cats also resemble a masculine version of Hello Kitty, another emblematic feline character that originated in Japan. Ando’s work shares the neo-pop spirit of Jeff Koons’s balloon dog figurines and Takashi Murakami’s “otaku” sculptures, though Ando’s sculptures do not convey the overt eroticism and darkness that much of Koons’ and Murakami’s work do. Ando expresses a lighter side of neo-pop, highlighting that contemporary art can be both fun and have wide appeal“
Makiko Whole – Publications Coordinator at The Museum of Modern Art New York , New York​

Being a world-class metropolis, Tokyo is a place of endless happenings, beginnings, and a plentiful history. With so much to offer, it’s no wonder many find inspiration in its content, both present and past, and Hiro Ando is no exception. Depicting the scenery of the city with a traditional nuance, Ando adds the contemporary element into his paintings, drawings, and recently sculptural work, mostly influenced by the Japanese Manga. As one of the founding members of the CrazyNoodles collective studio, Ando and his work represent the light, fun side of the neo-pop culture.

Merging Traditional With Contemporary

Acquiring his degree from the University of​ Art, Hiro Ando began his prolific career in 1995 in Tokyo, depicting its nighttime urban landscape. With a lot of inspiration, the streets proved to be an endless source of material for his narratives which often included the red fish in addition to the urban background. The act of the red fish in his paintings greatly reminds of the ancient Japanese watercolor paintings, thus making his work permeated with both a contemporary and traditional feeling. With his artistic beginnings tied to illustration, he would draw several sketches before actually working on the canvas, and his practice has since spread to video material, digital support, and sculpture.​

Adding Sculpture to the Fold

Being a multidisciplinary artist, Hiro Ando had added sculpture to his portfolio, creating artwork that furthers his conjunction of old and new. Built upon the traditional maneki-neko, standing for “lucky cat” within the Japanese mass culture, Ando constructs cat-like figures assuming various forms like samurai, sumo, and robot. Their outlook reminds of Japanese modern Manga, a world that influenced the youth of the artist profoundly, instilling Ando’s sculptures with a light, approachable line. Adding to it are the bright, often monochrome colors, and the smooth, shiny materials including resin, porcelain, bronze, and even diamonds, making his works representative of the contemporary neo-pop art.

A Modern Samurai

By adding the element of tradition to the popular Japanese culture, Hiro Ando creates an alluring portfolio that is easily paving its own road within the contemporary art world. Likable and easy on the eye, the cat-like sculptures became his signature mark and are uplifting Ando in the current art scene. Posing a new view on the traditional norms, Ando is a modern samurai of the Japanese art.

Hiro Ando currently lives and works between Tokyo and Shanghai

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This artwork come directly from the artist's studio "StudioCrazyNoodles"

About Hiro Ando

The streets of Tokyo and the world of Manga inspire Japanese artist Hiro Ando to create bold, vibrant sculptures. A true polyvalent artist, Ando emerged in 1995 as an illustrator and quickly began executing works in a variety of different media including painting, digital media, sculpture, and video. In 2005 he and artist Saori Nakamishi founded the neo-pop artist studio collective “Crazynoodles,” now comprised of 10 artists. While his paintings depict the urban Japan landscape, Ando is known for lacquering his resin, bronze, or porcelain sculptures of cats in glossy paint and ornamentation; recurring characters such as “Sumocat,” “Big Samurai,” and “Robocat” are covered in diamonds, traditional Japanese patterns, and vivid colors. The various incarnations of Ando’s cats present a contemporary twist on the ever-present maneki-neko, or lucky cat.

Japanese, b. 1973, Shikoku, Japan, based in Tokyo, Japan