Hiro Ando, ‘Warrior Cat’, ZK Gallery

Signature: Underneath piece.

Image rights: Hiro Ando; ZK Gallery

Manufacturer: Hiro Ando

2016 SamuraiCats in Buddha Bar Hotel in Paris , 4 Rue d'Anjou, 75008 Paris FRANCE Galerie Jacob Paulett Solo
2011 Collective show Rize Art Gallery, The Netherland Group
2010 Lille Art Fair Lille Grand Palais Group
2010 Nippon Neo Pop Galerie Jacob Paulett, Paris, France Group
2010 Manga in Amsterdam Willem Kerseboom Gallery, Amsterdam, Netherlands Group
2010 Nippon Show Galerie 28 Paris, France Group
2009 Slick Paris le 104 (Artfair) Group
2009 Scope New York 355 West 36th Street (Artfair) Group
2009 Manga in Amsterdam Willem Kerseboom Gallery, Amsterdam Group
2009 Art Paris Grand Palais (Artfair) Group
2009 Art Amsterdam Amsterdam RAI (Artfair) Group
2009 Scope Basel Kaserne Basel (Artfair) Group
2009 The world.... a cartoon Willem Kerseboom Gallery, Amsterdam Group
2009 Wonderland Opera Gallery, Hong Kong, China Group
2009 Shogun in Pokemonland Opera Gallery, Geneva
2009 From Kyoto to Tokyo Galerie Jacob Paulett, Paris, France
2009 Nippon 2009 Galerie Ariel Sibony, Paris, France
2008 Art London Royal Hospital Group
2008 Inside Japan La 5e Galerie, Paris, France Group
2008 Tokyo Express Opera Gallery, London, UK Group
2008 Neo Pop made in Japan Galerie Ariel Sibony, Paris, France


About Hiro Ando

The streets of Tokyo and the world of Manga inspire Japanese artist Hiro Ando to create bold, vibrant sculptures. A true polyvalent artist, Ando emerged in 1995 as an illustrator and quickly began executing works in a variety of different media including painting, digital media, sculpture, and video. In 2005 he and artist Saori Nakamishi founded the neo-pop artist studio collective “Crazynoodles,” now comprised of 10 artists. While his paintings depict the urban Japan landscape, Ando is known for lacquering his resin, bronze, or porcelain sculptures of cats in glossy paint and ornamentation; recurring characters such as “Sumocat,” “Big Samurai,” and “Robocat” are covered in diamonds, traditional Japanese patterns, and vivid colors. The various incarnations of Ando’s cats present a contemporary twist on the ever-present maneki-neko, or lucky cat.

Japanese, b. 1973, Shikoku, Japan, based in Tokyo, Japan