Hiroshi Masaki, ‘Uwajima Castle, Japan’, 2011, Robert Klein Gallery

About Hiroshi Masaki

A dealer in rare books and an expert in avant-garde art and postwar Japanese photography, Hiroshi Masaki meditates on his home country of Japan in his own exquisite black-and-white photographs. He was born into a Japan just emerging from unprecedented wartime destruction, raised in a small city near the coast of Shikoku. This city, called Uwajima, is the centerpiece of his best-known series, a multiyear project titled “Uwajima: A Private Landscape” (2008-12), for which he returned to his childhood home to explore it anew. With a keen eye for form and framing, Masaki produced a body of gelatin silver prints that is almost entirely devoid of people. They are filled with the aging buildings and vistas of Uwajima, which speak of time, quiet habitation, and, in his words, the “idealized, provincial town that exists universally in the hearts of all Japanese people.”

Japanese, b. 1949

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