Hiroshi Senju, ‘Waterfall’, 2016, Gallery Art Composition

Image rights: Gallery Art Composition

About Hiroshi Senju

Hiroshi Senju’s paintings court the sublime, bridging aesthetic traditions from his native Japan, 19th-century Europe, and postwar abstraction. Senju’s works respond to natural spaces and phenomena, such as nightfall and waterfalls, yet tend toward abstraction in their gestural cascades of acrylic paint. Senju often uses natural pigments, lending each painting a chromatic intensity. His “Nightfall” series, however, is notable for its fluorescent acrylic paint contrasted against dark backgrounds. Of Senju, the art historian Donald Kuspit has written, “However empirically objective and detailed Senju’s description of the naturally given may be, he is reaching beyond nature, as it were, to imaginatively feel its supersensible totality, which, paradoxically, is peculiarly objectified in his calm, intimate handling of light and dark.”

Japanese, b. 1958, Tokyo, Japan, based in New York, New York