Ho Siu-Kee, ‘Flying Machine’, 1995-1996, Pearl Lam Galleries

Photograph: 90 x 60 cm (x2)

About Ho Siu-Kee

Ho Siu Kee explores bodily perception and the experience of corporeality through performance, sculpture, and photographic documentation. “I like to put my body in unusual circumstances,” he has said. “We are so used to our environment that we become numb to it. I want to heighten my physical experience of the world.” In his 1996 piece Gravity Loop, he constructed a steel circle with rungs from which he hung upside down. Relying on his own strength to support his position, Ho pushed the limits of his body, becoming his own gravitational force. In doing so, he altered his visual perception by seeing things upside down, and his environment by defying the laws of physics. His actions constitute provocations to view the body, and one’s spatial relations, differently.

Chinese, b. 1964, Hong Kong, China, based in Hong Kong, China