Hodaya Louis, ‘Gilded’, 2014, Flat Space Art

We are thrilled to be Hodaya's Louis representative here in Notting Hill, London. Hodaya is a professional artist and fashion illustrator. Newton product launch ambassador (2015), Recipient of the title and grant “Distinguished Artist of Israel.” Winner of Next Generation Design Award from the Luxottica group, guest judge and speaker at the Fashion Institute of Technology, where she also studied. Interesting facts about Hoday: Her art skills were fostered since childhood by her father, artist David Louis. From 2010 to 2013, as the head designer of an international manufacturing company, her illustrated designs and artworks were presented to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Kenneth Cole Productions, Nine West, Bloomingdale’s, Lord & Taylor, Dillard's, and her original artwork was featured on Bravo’s Real Housewives Of OC. Hodaya depicts a woman, potentially a model, she's picture perfect. Hodaya gives her a fashion forward look. A bright satin gold paint sweeping across her eyelids. Her well groomed black eyebrows contrasting with her peach melba skin tones, a rainbow blues and purpley hue effect on her neck, perfect pouting shaped lips revealing aesthetically beautiful pearl white teeth. All on a background of teal blue. She is so beautiful, but is everything perfect, Hodaya covers her eyes, no one can see into her soul, her private life remains private and leaves you to imagine. A wonderful collectable piece from everyone to a first time buyer to an avid art enthusiast. She is making massive waves in the art world. Hodaya's works are phenomenal, her most latest video clip of her in action received 1,967,378 views and still counting. Original piece, only 1. Invest in Art, Art is for Life!