Honda Motor Company, ‘Nº 18 "Honda NCZ 50 Motocompo (AB12, Trunk Bike)"’, ca. 1981, Chamber

The Honda Motocompo was introduced by Honda Motor Company in 1981 as a folding motor scooter designed to fit into their newly launched compact car, the Honda City.

The Motocompo was produced between 1981 and 1983 in red, white, and yellow, but Honda grossly overestimated the scooter’s perceived popularity. Just over 53,000 were sold in a three-year period (about 3,000 per month), rather the initial anticipation of 10,000 per month. Production ceased in 1983, having been an overall sales disappointment for the company, but the rare scooter remains a fascinating machine in the world of automotive technology.

Image rights: Fran Parente

Hamamatsu, Japan

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