Hong Zhu An, ‘淡然     (Calm)’, 2012, STPI

Price includes frame.

About Hong Zhu An

Trained in both Chinese and Western painting, Hong Zhu An blends scroll painting with Western abstraction to create exquisitely layered paintings and works on paper full of visual harmony and subtlety. Whether working with fiery yellows, reds, and burnt oranges, or with muted beiges and matte black, he commands color, using it to effectively evoke states of mind and nature. He has blended swaths of soft greys and blues to represent calmness, and depicted rain through an impressionistic combination of beige, green, and pink. In keeping with Chinese artistic tradition, passages of calligraphy are an integral part of many of Hong’s works. He often plays with the placement of text, giving his compositions a contemporary feel. For Hong, art-making is a form of energy transference—from the artist to the raw material, the completed work to the viewer.

Singaporean, b. 1955, Shanghai, China, based in Singapore