Hosoda Eishi, ‘Six Fashionable Guise: Painting’, Scholten Japanese Art

signed Eishi zu, with censor's seal kiwame, publisher's tomoe mark and seal Eiju-han (Nishimuraya Yohachi of Eijudo), ca. 1793-96

oban tate-e 15 1/8 by 10 1/4 in., 38.5 by 25.9 cm

A young woman wearing a black kimono decorated with sprays of blossoming hagi (bushclover) and a wide brocade obi with a pattern of tama (sacred jewels) among curling stylized clouds demonstrates her skill at painting. She steadies herself with her left hand as she holds the brush perfectly vertical in her right above a painting of blossoming plum. To the side are the tools of her art: a cylinder with brushes in a variety of sizes, small jars of pigment, ink sticks, an inkstone, and unused sections of paper or silk.

Series: Six Fashionable Guise

Image rights: Scholten Japanese Art

Publisher: Nishimuraya Yohachi of Eijudo

Museum of Fine Arts, Boston (www.mfa.org), from the Bigelow Collection, accession no. 11.14021, and Spaulding Collection, accession no. 21.4924

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