Hossein Rezvani, ‘Frenchie Turquoise’, 2014, Outset: Benefit Auction 2017

From the Catalogue:

About the Frenchie Design:
French nostalgia. The series picks up the pattern of classically hand-woven Aubusson, but designs it more minimalistically. “You don’t find the faded vintage look in my collections otherwise, but here you do”, explains Rezvani. “Because here it fits perfectly.” Frenchie is offered with a knot density of 400.000 knots per sqm, using Persian highland wool with 35% pure natural silk.

About the artist:
Deeply influenced by the elegance of the Persian rug culture, Hossein Rezvani grew up to appreciate its intrinsic role in Iranian art and culture. Woven into the fabric of Iranian history, religion, society and culture, the Persian rug is as much part of Iran’s philosophy as it is of its culture. Persian carpets have always been and remain profoundly entrenched in Iranian culture and the daily lives of its people. For generations, the Rezvani‘s have produced and distributed masterpieces from their home country. Hossein, who is the third generation of a family to be involved in this profession, is dedicated and passionate about the rug industry and he gives the traditional Persian rug a contemporary twist. Each single rug designed by Hossein has the desire to bring forth something new that holds an emotionally touching and enduring value. During manufacture, a significant value is placed on reinterpreting classic craftsmanship and combining this with design that is contemporary and simultaneously elegant. Another main aspect is to avoid mass production and rather to produce a bespoke rug that may be inherited by future generations of families. Thus, creating a modern classic for the 21st century.

About the brand:
“21ST-CENTURY PERSIAN CARPETS” This is what our carpets have been called many times, but our mission is more than just creating a carpet. We are the only brand to offer contemporary carpets Made in Iran, with up to 1.000.000 knots per square meter and we are very proud to bring this cultural heritage back into today‘s contemporary living spaces. We produce exclusively with the best raw materials. We use Persian cork- and highland wool, the most durable and best quality wool in the world and pure natural silk. We also refrain from using mechanical or chemical treatments. Natural dyes are a must, which not only preserves the sublime characteristics of the high quality natural materials but also underlines the vibrant colors and shine of these timeless masterpieces. The result is a unique craftsmanship that carries the seal of quality “Made in Isfahan”.
Source: hosseinrezvani.com

Image rights: Donated by Hossein Rezvani