Huang Kui, ‘Probability: Non-luminance’, 2010, ShanghART

About Huang Kui

Huang Kui gained initial renown for his philosophical artworks, having exhibited Does God Exist? at the 2007 Venice Biennial—a performance piece in which he dropped a “Yes/No” token on a table and tallied the results on a giant cloth. But then, in a twist of fate, a devastating three-story fall sparked reflection on the enigma of human mortality, rendering his own battered body a favorite subject and propelling his artistic career to new heights. Huang’s exhibition “My Projection is Focusing” (2011) comprised disparate works across varied media, but centered on fragmented self-portraits, a profoundly personal painting series highlighting his injuries, abstract kaleidoscopic light-boxes, and a photographic series imagining the legacy he might have left had he not survived his accident.

Chinese, b. 1977, Sichuan Province, China, based in Shanghai, China

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