Huang Kui, ‘The Partials No.5 局部人 No.5’, 2014, ShanghART

About Huang Kui

Huang Kui gained initial renown for his philosophical artworks, having exhibited Does God Exist? at the 2007 Venice Biennial—a performance piece in which he dropped a “Yes/No” token on a table and tallied the results on a giant cloth. But then, in a twist of fate, a devastating three-story fall sparked reflection on the enigma of human mortality, rendering his own battered body a favorite subject and propelling his artistic career to new heights. Huang’s exhibition “My Projection is Focusing” (2011) comprised disparate works across varied media, but centered on fragmented self-portraits, a profoundly personal painting series highlighting his injuries, abstract kaleidoscopic light-boxes, and a photographic series imagining the legacy he might have left had he not survived his accident.

Chinese, b. 1977, Sichuan Province, China, based in Shanghai, China

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