Huang Ran 黄然, ‘There used to be an animal similar to a cat, only bigger. They like to eat cats. And they are very hygienic. Every time they catch a cat, they would take the cat to the river and make the cat drink plenty of water until it threw up, over and over again. They only eat the cat when the cat’s stomach is completely empty and clean. No cat ever resists. I mean I can understand a cat’s terror and fear.’, 2014, Simon Lee Gallery

About Huang Ran 黄然

In his wide-ranging practice, encompassing many different mediums, including video, sculpture, painting, and photography, Ran Huang explores his fascination with what he sees as the gray areas where opposite extremes—like beauty and monstrosity, pleasure and pain, or love and violence—overlap. “My work explores the uncertainty [of] and complicity between love, sex, violence, and death […],” he says. In his lush, ambiguous video, Blithe Tragedy (2010), for example, Huang conjures a world that is both earthly and ethereal, in which two effeminate male protagonists oscillate between positions of vulnerability and power as they interact with each other in sexually charged, emotionally fraught scenes.

Chinese, b. 1982, Xichang, China, based in Beijing, China; London, U.K.