Huang Zhiyang 黄致阳, ‘Zoon - Dreamscape No. 1228’, 2012, Pékin Fine Arts

About Huang Zhiyang 黄致阳

Huang Zhiyang, who was instructed in Chinese calligraphy as a child, is recognized for his large-scale oil paintings, ink washes on silk, and drawings on paper. His work has been summarized by critics as the application of traditional Chinese techniques to an American tradition of Abstract Expressionism. Frequent motifs in Huang’s work make reference to the natural world, particularly to bamboo and landscapes, though the images are not immediately recognizable. Huang also produces abstract installations, and has worked in sculptural materials like bamboo and gilded bronze. His work has also been prominent in fashion: Huang’s drawings are source of inspiration for the French fashion designer Anne Valerie Hash, and in 2011 he collaborated with the designers of ETRO to produce a line of silk scarves.

Taiwanese, b. 1965, Taipei City, Taiwan