Huger Foote, ‘Untitled’, 2015, David Lusk Gallery

About Huger Foote

The photographer Huger Foote has lived in Paris and New York, but Memphis, Tennessee, his childhood home, remains one of his biggest inspirations. Foote began photographing when he was only ten, using an old Polaroid camera. Following his studies in the Northeast, he assisted fashion photographers in New York until striking out on his own, first in fashion and then in editorial. Foote’s images, which are created with a rare pigment-transfer process to achieve vividness and depth, often frame mundane situations within jubilant color compositions. He takes photographs while meandering across subterranean landscapes and through alleyways, deserted lots, and highways that are typically overlooked. Foote’s work has garnered him international attention and mentorship from such photography greats as William Eggleston.

American, b. 1961, Memphis, Tennessee