Humberto Márquez, ‘América para los latinoamericanos’, 1971/2017, ICI: Benefit Auction 2017

Humberto Marquez is the fictional confection of the Mexican contemporary artist Plinio Ávila. In a manner akin to the imagined historical reexaminations of The Atlas Group by Walid Raad, Ávila has mined information out of several archives, both personal and public, to insert his character, Marquez, into various scenarios. In doing so, the artist makes visible the ways in which history is constructed, subjective, and easily re-written, edited or manipulated. In América para los latinoamericanos, styled ironically in pop, Barbara Kruger-like, bold white letters over a bright red background, Marquez subverts the Monroe Doctrine (“América para los Americanos”, opposing European colonialism in The Americas in the 19th Century), that covertly advocated for hegemonic US power over the American continent. Ávila has recently held exhibitions in Beijing, Mexico City, Aalst, and Venice.
—Courtesy of ICI

Image rights: Courtesy of the artist and Henrique Faria Fine Art

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