Hye Rim Lee, ‘Candyland 8’, Vohn Gallery

About Hye Rim Lee

Drawing on her transnational background, Hye Rim Lee’s three-dimensional animated videos and photographs explore the interplay between technology and sex. Based in New York but having lived in South Korea and New Zealand, Lee brings a global perspective to her work. This outlook is evident in her manga-like figures with their lithe feminine bodies and skintight clothes; they possess exaggerated sexual features more characteristic of Western feminine ideals. These figures stand amidst glassy dragons and phallic forms in blank cyber spaces. The feminizing constraints of the figures’ bodies and the male signifiers reference the conditions of digital production, as Lee views digital media as a male-dominated field. Its creations are therefore subject to the male gaze and its attendant desires.

Korean-New Zealander, b. 1963, Seoul, South Korea, based in New York, Auckland and Seoul

Group Shows

New York,
The “F” Word – Feminism in Art