Residual Messages

Ian Pedigo composes sculptures and wall works in two and three dimensions from found matter that range from the natural - scraps of wood, rocks, bamboo - to the manmade – cardboard, magazine clippings, swatches of cloth, Plexiglas. Pedigo’s sculptures express a visual and physical fragility, removed from their original context the detrital parts are incorporated into new forms that through their associative qualities generate a dialogue about the literal, physical and imaginative possibilities of objects.

About Ian Pedigo

Ian Pedigo is a sculptor and installation artist who creates assemblages from found objects, with particular sensitivity to texture, form, and the histories of his materials. Though he originally made pieces using exclusively construction materials, Pedigo has broadened his practice to include varieties of commonplace material both manmade and natural. He thinks of his own practice as an act of transformation, presenting objects in ways that are not immediately intuitive though still recognizable. For each exhibition, Pedigo conceives of and develops a suite of discrete pieces simultaneously such that they all relate to one another in the gallery space. There is also a performative quality to Pedigo’s creative process, which can involve extensive experimenting. Though he does make some of his work in studio, the artist often works spontaneously on site, responding to the work’s environment.

American, b. 1973