Ico Parisi, ‘console’, c. 1952, Wright
Ico Parisi, ‘console’, c. 1952, Wright
Ico Parisi, ‘console’, c. 1952, Wright

Signed with paper manufacturer's label to underside: [Singer & Sons]. Signed with impressed manufacturer's mark to underside: [Made in Italy].


Manufacturer: Singer & Sons

Ico Parisi: & Architecture, Gualdoni, ppg. 198-199 Modern Furnishings for the Home, Hennessey, pg. 120 Il Mobile Italiano Degli Anni ‘40 e ‘50, de Guttry and Maino, pg. 217

About Ico Parisi

Ico Parisi was one of the influential designers who shaped the look of the 1950s. The Sicilian-born architect considered himself a Renaissance man, and he was prolific as a filmmaker and designer of furniture, glass, and jewelry. Alone or in collaboration with his wife, Luisa, a student of Gio Ponti, Parisi worked to create desks, chairs, and upholstered sofas in wood and metal for high-end clients. In pieces like his 1955 lounge chair, with its crimson or lime green upholstery and curvaceous wooden frame, Parisi’s work epitomizes the funky, modernist style of the early atomic age.

Italian, 1916-1996